Hairy and squirting pussy

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lerofa asked: What do you like most?

What I most like is when I lay close to my husband and he sticks his cock inside me when I am so near to squirt, and fucks me until we both orgams togehter.

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maxipad666 asked: Do you have any nude preteen pics?



No, but I think I’ll report you for asking! So that’s a plus


Update: That blog was deleted by tumblr after I reported it. Neat :P


Good work :)

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Anonymous asked: Omg love the squirting my wife squirts but doesn't like to do it :(.. It's such a turn on for me. One of my biggest fantasies is to be squirted on while giving oral .. Xx

Thats a turn on to lick the pussy to a huge squirt

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My bushy just gave birth

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Anonymous asked: How do to get my ex to let me fuck her again?

Why would you fuck your ex????

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On my own…