Hairy and squirting pussy

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My bushy just gave birth

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Anonymous asked: How do to get my ex to let me fuck her again?

Why would you fuck your ex????

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On my own…

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Anonymous asked: Can you recall your first squirting experience? I also squirt much when I come, for me it was a turn on. I have always squirt when I come for as long as I can remember. Thank´s for a nice blogg XoXo

I cant recall my First squirt. But with a man it was some 6 years ago. Thanks for asking. xo

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Needed a helping hand

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Anonymous asked: Can you squirt from just getting fucked in your ass ? Is your asshole as hairy as your pussy ? Need pics ! Love your hairy pussy it is just like my wife's!

I dont take anything my ass. Gues it’s getting real hairy also…